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Q-MOL Portal offers access to unique features of molecular modeling and in silico drug discovery platform Q-MOLTM by Q-MOL LLC.  The correct solution of protein flexibility during protein-ligand docking opened an opportunity to create a collection of unique tools and methodologies.  These methodologies are NOT available in any other molecular modeling programs or web-based computational biology services.

Q-MOL Portal allows users creating computational biology tasks in the following categories:


See examples:Imanitib, Imanitib analog PF-114, Resveratrol, Aspirin

See Understanding Pocketome Screening for details.


  • Predicting phosphatase off-target activity of a ligand against current structural phosphatome
  • High fidelity protein-ligand docking


A message from Q-MOL Creator

All possible efforts are made to accelerate release of a distribution version of the Q-MOL software.  Most of the features of Q-MOL molecular modelling software are available to try through this portal.

Please note that the portal is under active development.  Additional features and documentation will be added in near future.


Anton Cheltsov

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